"We flip it right the first time!"

About Us

Welcome to K & W Home Buyers, LLC - a leading business innovation of purchasing property in the housing market. 

K & W Home Buyers, LLC work one on one with fellow real estate agents gaining the first opportunity to have a foreclosed listing. At K & W Home Buyers we eliminate properties from this list that do not meet our criteria for potential investment deals, but we also search daily for the acquisition of discounted properties via websites and web browsing. Our focus in the 21st century housing market is to purchase or rent out apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and single family homes.

​Our Promise: People are the core of our business. Our work reflects the quality of service we have to offer. Our morals and values are what we used to build our company from the ground up to where we are in today’s market. They are the indicators of what a potential investor or tenant has to expect when working with the high standards we set at K & W Home Buyers, LLC.